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08.01.2015 0396 0
автор: dR.oLLe

F1 ~ Бесконечная Энергия
F2 ~ Бессмертие]
F3 ~ Бесконечные Патроны
F4 ~ Без Перезарядки
F6 ~ Бесконечное Ночное Зрение
F7 ~ Лёгкие Убийства
F10 ~ Без Временного Лимита
Numpad 0 ~ Без Урона к Транспорта
Numpad 0 ~ Без Перегрева
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08.01.2015 0810 0
виновник HoG/sILeNt heLLsCrEAm

Numpad 0 ~ Бессмертие
Numpad 0 ~ Бесконечная Энергия
Numpad 0 ~ Бесконечные Патроны/Гранаты
Numpad 0 ~ Без Перезарядки]
Numpad 0 ~ Бесконечное Ночное Зрение
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08.01.2015 0512 0
Numpad 0: Health- Improved! Nothing can kill you!
Numpad 0: Power- Your suit powers are infinite!
Numpad 0: Ammo- All your weapons will have infinite ammo!
Numpad 0: Nightvision- You can use Nightvision Indefinitely!
Numpad 0: Grenades- Sets your Grenades to 00. You must have 0 to begin with, however!
Numpad 0: Weapon Horde- Allows you to pickup and keep all unique weapons that you collect and not have to drop the weapons you already have!
Numpad 0: Super Jump- You can jump higher than normal and also you can use this in ANY suit mode, not just Strength. Has 0 settings.
Numpad 0: Super Speed- You can run faster than normal and also you can use this in ANY suit mode, not just Speed. Has 0 settings.
Numpad 0: Super Throw- You can toss grabbed items incredible distances using ANY suit mode. Has 0 settings.
Numpad Del: Predator Cloak- When cloak is engaged, activate this to be able to move among the enemy without detection. You...
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Трейнер (+21) [1.6.0]
Трейнер (+47) [1.6.0u5: Hot Fix / Final ...
Трейнер (+14) [1.6.0]
Трейнер(+27) [1.6_Update 0_64 bit]

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